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    Incarnating the God Who May Be: Christology and Incarnational Humanism in Bonhoeffer and Kearney
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2017-11) Novak, Mark Fraser; Institute for Christian Studies
    This thesis examines questions of humanity and divinity that are pressing in contemporary philosophy and theology as seen in the thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Richard Kearney. Both these thinkers seek to address issues around transcendence/immanence, sameness/difference, ontology/ethics, and post-metaphysical approaches to God. Chapter one explores the many convergences in their thinking with regards to these topics. Chapter two looks at the main divergence in their thinking: their respective Christologies. Chapter three, following up on the exploration of convergences and divergences in their thought, examines a possible way in which to mediate the difference in their otherwise similar patterns of thinking. The thesis aims, overall, to show that a Christologically-based incarnational humanism is a suitable and appropriate live option that is not only biblical, but also responds to issues in both contemporary philosophy and theology, providing a way to understand how the possibility of divine incarnation depends upon our ongoing human response.
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    (Abschiedsrede): “My Brilliant Career"
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2023-05-26) Sweetman, Robert; Sweetman, Bob; Institute for Christian Studies
    "I am living proof that some very unlikely souls come into their own in the academy. I came into the world as an RH-factor baby in Tokyo, Japan at a time when that was still a life-or-death thing. At a certain point in my first week my body shut down. It took a while for the nurses to catch this and call in the doctors. It took a little while longer to restart my heart, and then longer to find blood donors, on the off chance . . . I am grateful for off chances."
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    Created Beautiful: On LGBTQ Christians in the Church with Eric Van Giessen
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2022-11-28) Van Giessen, Eric; Kuipers, Ronald A.; Yett, Danielle; Institute for Christian Studies
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    Perspective vol. 57 no. 2 (Fall 2023)
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2023-11-01) Bergsma, Amy; Blokland, Heidi; Chan, Shana; DeRoo, Neal; deVries, Timothy; Kuipers, Ronald A.; Kirby, Joseph; Mackie, Carolyn; Tebbutt, Andrew; Watson, Joseph; Strauss, Gideon; Institute for Christian Studies; Institute for Christian Studies
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    Perspective vol. 57 no. 1 (Spring 2023)
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2023-04) Kuipers, Ronald A.; Beattie, Pamela; Carlson, Traver S.; Mackie, Carolyn; Mongeau, Gilles SJ; Simakova, Maria; Strauss, Gideon; Yett, Danielle; Institute for Christian Studies; Institute for Christian Studies

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