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    (Abschiedsrede): “My Brilliant Career"
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2023-05-26) Sweetman, Robert; Sweetman, Bob; Institute for Christian Studies
    "I am living proof that some very unlikely souls come into their own in the academy. I came into the world as an RH-factor baby in Tokyo, Japan at a time when that was still a life-or-death thing. At a certain point in my first week my body shut down. It took a while for the nurses to catch this and call in the doctors. It took a little while longer to restart my heart, and then longer to find blood donors, on the off chance . . . I am grateful for off chances."
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    The Socialist Catholic Sister
    (Sojourners) Dettloff, Dean; Institute for Christian Studies
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    How Awesome a Task: Reading Psalm 8 in South Africa
    (Christian Reformed Church in North America, 2018-06-29) Strauss, Gideon; Institute for Christian Studies
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    "I believe in the resurrection of the body"
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2019-05-17) Blomberg, Doug; Institute for Christian Studies
    “I believe in the resurrection of the body.” This fundamental tenet of the Christian faith extends beyond belief and into every corner of life. It provides the basis from which we might understand our whole selves as whole selves--to take into account where we are in body, heart, mind, and action. In terms of a guiding idea for curriculum development and for education, this statement calls us to see ourselves and others in primarily relational terms; to value people’s integral and multivalent relationships and all aspects of who, where, and what they are. Such an approach leads to a view of education--and of the human person--inextricably developed “from the ground up.”
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    Something We Don’t See: ICS and the Training of a Messianic Imagination
    (Institute for Christian Studies, 2018-05-11) Kuipers, Ronald; Institute for Christian Studies
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