• At What Price? The Fruits of Truth as Agreeable Leading

      Hart, Hendrik; Klemp, Mathew E.; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 1996-08)
    • Beliefs and the Scientific Enterprise: a Framework Model Based on Kuhn's Paradigms, Polanyi's Commitment Framework, and Radnitzky's Internal Steering Fields

      Hart, Hendrik; Joldersma, Clarence W.; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 1983)
      In this thesis I attempt to develop an alternative to the logical positivist's image of science, which attempts to exclude beliefs from scientific investigations. First I set the problem up by describing what the positivists mean by belief and how they attempt to exclude belief through the use of the scientific method. I begin to develop an alternative by examining the views of three philosophers of science: Thomas S. Kuhn, Michael Polanyi, and Gerard Radnitzky. Each of them provides an alternative to the positivistic conception of science by suggesting that scientific research is surrounded by a framework of tacit beliefs. I present each view in the following way. First I describe the background and context for the framework hypothesis; then I explain the framework itself, including discussions on the nature of the framework, how it is acquired, its role in visible scientific activity, and how switches from one framework to another occur; finally I assess each person's insights, including each's relevance for my thesis. The examination of these views sets the stage for my last chapter. Here I briefly compare the three thinkers, noting similarities and differences. Then I highlight each thinker's unique insights. Finally, I present a brief description of what I believe is a viable alternative to the positivistic image of science, based on the work of the three philosophers.
    • Computers and Natural Language: Will They Find Happiness Together?

      Hart, Hendrik; Prall, James W.; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 1985)
    • A Critical Exploration of Jane Austen's Persuasion

      Hart, Hendrik; Goon, Carroll Ann; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 1983)
    • Dooyeweerd's Theory of Individuality Structure as an Alternative to a Substance Position, Especially That of Aristotle

      Hart, Hendrik; Zigterman, Kent; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 1977-07)
    • A Dream That Begins in Responsibility: Philosophy, Rorty, and the Other

      Hart, Hendrik; Kuipers, Ronald A.; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 1994-11)
    • The Fall Into Modernity

      Hart, Hendrik; Douglas, Nigel Charles; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 1989-05)
    • Hart and Plantinga On Our Knowledge of God

      Hart, Hendrik; Huisman, John; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 2004-08)
      The thesis explores and takes a stand with respect to the differences between the religious epistemologies of Alvin Plantinga and Hendrik Hart. For Plantinga, direct rational knowledge of God "in Himself" is possible because it is grounded in the experience of our rational faculties. For Hart, direct rational knowledge of God's nature is impossible because God transcends the created order and, therefore, the limits of rational understanding. Our knowledge of God, as a consequence, can only be faith knowledge that is decidedly indirect and metaphoric in nature. Plantinga believes that such views are Kantian in inspiration and that they turn our knowledge of God into nothing more than rationally incoherent "disguised nonsense." The thesis shows that Plantinga's own philosophical theology fails to meet the rational standards he sets for religious knowledge, his critique of Kantian religious epistemologies fails to apply to Hart's position, and that he himself allows for indirect knowledge of God in certain instances. The thesis concludes by noting if our knowledge of God can be indirect in some instances without also being rationally incoherent disguised nonsense, then perhaps Hart is not wrong for regarding it to be indirect in all instances.
    • Henrik Hart - Interdisciplinary Seminar on the Analysis Model

      Hart, Hendrik; Institute for Christian Studies
    • The Legacy of Herman Dooyeweerd: Reflections on Critical Philosophy in the Christian Tradition

      Wolters, Albert M.; Olthuis, James H.; Seerveld, Calvin; McIntire, C. T.; Marshall, Paul; Hart, Hendrik; McIntire, C. T.; Institute for Christian Studies (University Press of America, 1985)
    • On the Problem of Common Ground: Van Til, Dooyeweerd and Thomas Kuhn

      Hart, Hendrik; Lee, Joongjae; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 2001)
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