• Believing For Me: Žižek, Interpassivity, and Christian Experience

      Mackie, Carolyn J.; Institute for Christian Studies (2013-05-02)
    • This Thinking Individual: Conscience and Subjectivity in Søren Kierkegaard and Hannah Arendt

      Mackie, Carolyn J.; Institute for Christian Studies (2013-01-19)
    • "Two Things at the Same Time": Fordoblelse in Kierkegaard's Writings

      Sweetman, Robert; Mackie, Carolyn J.; Institute for Christian Studies (Institute for Christian Studies, 2014-11)
      The term fordoblelse—usually translated as “redoubling” in English—is found relatively infrequently in Kierkegaard’s corpus and has posed something of a puzzle for scholars. In this thesis, I trace Kierkegaard’s use of the term throughout his writings, seeking to determine the common ground between the rather disparate ways in which fordoblelse appears. I explore the relationship between redoubling and such major Kierkegaardian themes as indirect communication, paradox, and the constitution of the self, and I attempt to tease out the similarities and divergences between redoubling and two other Kierkegaardian terms, “repetition” and “reduplication.” Ultimately, I conclude that redoubling functions for Kierkegaard as a structural term that provides him with a vocabulary to describe the many paradoxes at work in Christian faith.