• Exempla and the Promotion of Religious Identity: Gerard of Frachet's Vitae Fratrum

      Sweetman, Robert; Goering, Joseph; Guardiani, Francesco; Silano, Giulio; Institute for Christian Studies (LEGASNew York, 2008)
      This paper will examine the pedagogy of the exemplary vignette as a means of "mass" identity formation within the Dominican Order and among its far flung support­ers. In the process, I make the case that Cistercian Conrad of Eberbach's earlier Exor­dium Magnum provided a model for a Dominican "memory" and the identity that shared memory was to ensure.
    • Nisi Causa Utili et Necessaria: Catherine of Siena's Dominican Confessors and the Principles of a Licit Pastoral 'Irregularity'

      Sweetman, Robert; Goering, Joseph; Guardiani, Francesco; Silano, Giulio (LEGASNew York, 2006)
      The Dominican Order gradually evolved rules governing contact between a Dominican pastor and a woman penitent. In the context of these rules, the care given to Catherine of Siena as reported by Raymund of Capua and as confirmed in the letters of Catherine herself can only be termed irregular. The paper attempts to identify the principles underlying and legitimating pastoral irregularity.